I have learned to stay focused on those bread crumbs in life that leads me on a path that “GOD IS” intending for me as an individual to follow.

I saw the sun rise today a big beautiful orange glow with a mahogany and purple foundation, which spread a transparent overlay across city lights, fading upward into many shades of blue.

9 Responses to “Confirmations”

  1. “Wow! Sonya, I looked at your site and I LOVE your work!”

  2. “Loved your work!”.

  3. “Enjoyed your website.”.

  4. “Ms. Spears: I viewed your work and it was absolutely breath-taking!
    Thank you for allowing us to witness your heart, mind, and soul…”

  5. I want everyone 2 visit Talented woman found therein…

  6. Sonya, that is a really dope site! You done did a good job. Be proud of yourself! How long have you been working on that?

  7. “Sonya, now that you’ve found your destiny, waste no time fulfilling it. Welcome Home!”

  8. Hi Sonya, take sm time out 2 luk into this scriptures…(ISAIAH 54:10-17, & ISAIAH 43:5a-b.
    Knw for sure that you hv a friend in JESUS, & I am alwys thr for you…’cos i blv that our friendship via facebook is DIVINELY arngd.
    I wil alwys trust GOD on ur bhlf & i knw HE wil answr evry of ur prayrs & petitions. Pls feel free to contact me, shld u be needñ any assistñce as regrds, prayers, advice e.t.c, i wil be williñ 2 join u in faith.
    God is mindful of thee…relax & stay fine SONYA.

  9. hey Sonia….this is Mamadou from SENEGAL,,I LIVE WITH MY WHOLE FAMILLY 4 KIDS IN THE MOST BEAUTIFUL CITY IN eARTH San Diego…email me at or facebook golden comb international hair show

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