I am the youngest child and daughter of Maynard and Sylvia Spears, which was the first gift God chose for me. After which, I was then given life. My parents with their own individual and unique ways has throughout my life been my strength, my weakness, my happiness, my pain, my joy, and my sadness. Almost every decision I make in my life is based on the journey my parents revealed to me by showing me and teaching me in their own way what life and love was truly about. They were my first love, my first traveling buddies and my first friends. I have the gentleness, charm, strong will and determination, reflecting my Father, while at the same time being tactful, intelligent, tough and protective, reflecting my Mother. However difficult this life may be, I’ve always appreciated my parents for bringing me into this world, and showing me the world as they knew it. As I grew older, I learned from everyone around me. I remember almost every summer, we’d take long drives to different states visiting families, friends, go fishing and camping. There were beautiful sunsets, mountains, trees, stars and rain falls. I love life with all its beauty and mysteries.
Those long drives were the greatest gifts my parents ever gave me, sharing their past and those moments, Those hot summer drives to Texas and Louisiana might have seemed like forever, but I now have a great appreciation for those days. It was not only humbling, but it taught me patience and how to survive. One of the greatest lessons in life; How to live life with a little, maybe a lot, sometimes nothing, or no one, and still be happy and enjoy the world you live. Which ever road you might be traveling through at the time, there’s a peace about that, because you never know where or when life will flip its script, and it’s empowering to know that we can be happy in spite of. As a child, I had the opportunity of learning quite a bit of my family history as far as we could go, and even though we’ve lived far apart and did not speak often, the memories are cherished. I cherished those times visiting my precious Grandmother and Grandfather Berniece and Essie Franklin whom I miss so much. Sitting on the porch drinking fresh lemonade or iced tea from a jelly jar, pulling water from a well with an old wooden pale, running through fields of corn chasing fire flies and watching all the farm animals do their thing. I remember heating up water on a wood burning stove to fill up a metal tub in the middle of the kitchen so I could bathe, and sleeping in a big cozy bed so high off the floor I had to use a stair stool. We had large southern breakfast, and dinners every where we went.peaceful nights at my Uncle E.S Ranch and spending time at my Aunt Mamie, who was so crazy funny she could make a dog laugh. In California where I was born and raised, we lived next door to my Aunt Joyce, which made it seemed as though I eight sisters and three brothers, two Mothers and two Fathers, because we were so close and spent a lot of time together. We attended the same schools, shared fun times, friends, dances, laughter, and many sorrows. Mainly beautiful memories. We might have grown apart and moved further away from each other, but we all love each other just the same. To be continued…..

A page from the Carter family Heritage book

4 Responses to “About”

  1. Family is sooo important. To me its the essence of our very existence of who we are as a person. I love to read story about people who hold family very dear to their hearts. Our parent are the first teachers in our lives. Also lets us not forget our Grandmother’s and Grandfather’s who are our senior parents.

  2. Absolutely love your site!

  3. Such beautiful memories of the way we were as children… as a family.

    ~Phyllis Spears

  4. I just finished viewing your art, again. It brought back memories as I had the priviledge of seeing your creations as you were making them. You are a gifted artist. I enjoyed reading your recall of growing up; it’s a blessing to recall the good times of our past.

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